Retention & Recruitment

Comprehensive  Effective  Simplified

Samariteam Is the very best tool for managing your volunteer programs with a comprehensive suite of web-based tools. No software needed!

Keeping your volunteers engaged and informed is key for retention. Simplify the demands of volunteer management. Spend more time on training and education and less time managing the roster details in your program. Samariteam tools work wonders. 


No technical skills required. Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch - None! Samariteam is intuitive, straightforward, and simple. Created by a team of volunteers who identified an overwhelming need for secure, web-based technology to simplify management and streamline communication in volunteer programs like CERT, VIPS,  MRC, and many others, Samariteam was developed specifically by volunteer leaders for volunteer management..

Volunteer management is easy with member-maintained contact, location information, and calendars to use for group email capabilities. Samariteam has a self-managing roster system that lets leaders refocus on engagement activities keeping volunteers satisfied and problems solved.

And when your team is ready, Samariteam steps up to expand your program with you.

Samariteam offers a suite of secure, web-based solutions for your organization. Calendars keep everyone aware of upcoming events and classes. Mapping,  Working systematically, Samariteam technology is designed to set up a single website and if needed, a hierarchy of sites that can share information "down the chain" to groups via calendars, newsletters, email and text messaging.