About EnRoutePro

First Responder safety, on scene management

Mutual Aid is BUILT IN. Your neighbors’ library information and their apparatus and personnel lists are available in EnRoutePro so you can safely respond for Mutual Aid incidents.  

Even if your neighbors are not using EnRoutePro, you can still track their operations on the fireground with the tools inside EnRoutePro.

EnRoutePro 2 is a smart emergency response solution that integrates and delivers emergency information with a comprehensive approach for three critical things: Response, Decisive Information, and Scene Management.

Response:  EnRoutePro notifies responders of new incidents and gets them on the road to the scene with turn by turn directions.

Information:  EnRoutePro 2's Library contains your agency's critical information that's needed for access and on scene, including pre-fire plans, maps, protocols, contact lists, landing zones - whatever information that's helpful to improve response safety and effectiveness.

Scene Management:  As personnel and apparatus head to the scene, Incident Command sees an overview and the resources en route.  Command can arrange the scene in real-time for maximum safety and efficiency, and all can see the same overhead plan.  Command can make assignments and track PAR and work locations, keeping everyone on the same page

All of these tools can be used independently or together.  The EnRoutePro app is available for smart phones, tablets and laptops.

EnRoutePro 2 is an integrated solution that brings together a suite of capabilities that improve safety, decrease response time, and enhance effectiveness during emergency operations.