About Samariteam

Comprehensive  Effective  Simplified

Samariteam is a robust and easy-to-use turn-key website service that empowers volunteer leadership with a set of comprehensive management tools. Its core technology can be adapted for almost any type of organization that needs to form teams and share content in a secure, attractive format.


Your volunteer organization needs a system that relieves the time consuming burden of maintaining member contact and location information, and speeds critical information to team leaders and members. 

Spend more time on training and education and less time managing the roster details in your program. Samariteam tools work wonders. 


No technical skills required. Samariteam is intuitive, straightforward, and simple. You can customize most aspects of the website, but everything is ready to use right after you sign up.  We can import your roster to get you started!

With sophisticated mapping technology and simple-to-use tools for assembling teams volunteer programs become streamlined as a well-oiled, synchronized machine.  Easy volunteer hours reporting makes sure you can document how your members are involved in your community, which is a great way to ensure that your program is successful in supporting the organizations goals.

Team building is the core of Samariteam!

Samariteam: A great solution for ALL volunteer programs!