How It Works

How EnRoutePro Works 

It's very straight-forward!  EnRoutePro is a service that has two major components: The EnRoutePro Server, and EnRoutePro Clients - usually located in response rigs.

Once signed up as an EnRoutePro customer, you're issued a “username” and “password” to access their secure section of the server so that you can arrange folders and post content in a way that makes sense to your agency. The same username and password are used to synchronize clients to the server.  

The following files types are accepted on the EnRoutePro server:

-     Graphic files such as JPG, GIF or PNG
-     HTML content
-     TEXT files
-     PDFs
-     Links to external websites

The information a customer posts in their account can then be downloaded via WiFi to a Toughbook, tablet, or laptop for use in any of your rigs. Uploading can take place from an office desktop... it's that easy! 


And think about the mutual aid benefits ... Your crews can have access to shared information from a neighboring departments. Mutual just got easier and safer!