How It Works

How It Works

Program leaders utilize the Samariteam turn-key website service to instantly start managing a volunteer group locally, regionally, and even nationally! The Samariteam web-based tools are ready to support your volunteer program needs. 



With Samariteam, each volunteer program has its own attractive, secure, dedicated website to use as their web-based management hub. Program sites are easily customized for organizational needs with document folders, shared calendars, photo galleries and other team management tools.


Keep Your Volunteers Engaged and Informed

  • Volunteers maintain their own contact and location information.
  • Calendars and group emails / text broadcasts keep everyone informed.
  • Teams are easily formed based on member location.
  • Track volunteer hours for training and events.
  • Makes it easy for prospective volunteers to find your program and sign up.
  • Manage your list of prospective volunteers and grow your team.

And, when your team is ready, Samariteam steps up to expand your program!

Sites can be linked together in a chain-of-command structure. As your program and teams grow, each program can have their own subsidiary site for local management. The sites are linked in a hierarchy so that information flows from the lead site throughout the associated programs.

Team building is the core of Samariteam!