New and Improved vs Tried and True - Integrating Technology

One of the most challenging shifts happening today is to integrate technology to make things better. How we have always done something versus how we can do the same thing differently continues to be at times exceptionally challenging for those set in their ways. The notion of tried and proven has solid anchors for whom technology breeds unease because of the thoughts around the new and unproven. In some minds, making things better doesn’t always mean make things easier.

However, once the notion that a undertaking needs improvement, the discovery that a technology improvement can make the task easier is the time to get interested, excited, and a little wary.  When it comes to technology, usually there’s a learning curve. The steepness of that learning curve generally dictates how quick integration takes place.

Smart technology integration should be simple technology.  The user input and the user interface should be stupid simple, useful, and efficient.  If it’s not, it should take minimal training to become functioning technology – otherwise integration is a far off thought for tomorrow.  

What it comes down to, as we integrate technology to improve our ways, is that we must rely upon our ability to locate trusted guides.  If we’re going to leap head first into the inevitable, or at least experiment with it, we need to know that the people behind our desired improvements understand our distinct problems so that recommended solutions fit just right.

Perpetua Team Member